Sharing security thoughts at the AWS Re:Inforce Conference!

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October 14, 2022 • 2 min read

Fernando Hönig, CEO of StackZone and AWS Hero, went to the AWS Re:Inforce conference in Boston. This is all that happened during the event!

The AWS Re:Inforce is a fantastic opportunity to share knowledge about cloud security. And this is one of the reasons why our CEO, Fernando Hönig, is attending the event in Boston.

nAs an AWS Hero and one of the foremost experts in Cloud Security, this is an excellent opportunity to share your thoughts on how to implement secured AWS workloads with other attendees.

nHe met Damian Antonio Gitto Olguin, AWS Hero and co-founder of Teracloud, one of the consultancies testing StackZone in LATAM. Also, he met many other experts on Cloud Management, and in this case, the encounter was with Matias (Lechu) Siri, one of the AWS Well-Architected referents in Latin America.

nFurthermore, everyone agrees that there is nothing better at a tech conference than collecting swag…

StackZone and AWS merchandise on a bed from the AWS ReInvent Event 2022

“AWS re:Inforce2022 was just the confirmation of our mission in regards with Security and Automation. Many workshops and sessions focusing on how to audit and evaluate the compliance of your resources, but most importantly how to do it without dedicating manual effort and rather automate it from day 1”, said Fernando Hönig, CEO of StackZone.

“Learning how to use and integrate all these AWS services, could be quite costly. That’s why with StackZone we simplify the adoption of security Best Practices, he pointed out.

“During re:Inforce2022 we showcase our platform to customers and AWS partners and they were amazed about how quick this can be adopted by them”, Fernando remarked.

Although re:Inforce was great, Fernando and Gastón are already preparing for the next AWS event: re:Invent 2022, which will take place in Las Vegas in November.

Author: Fernando Hönig, Founder of StackZone

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