AWS Security Tool AI

The StackZone platform increases your cloud security status quickly and easily by adopting AWS security best practices.

AWS Security Tool AI

The StackZone platform increases your cloud security status quickly and easily by adopting AWS security best practices.

  • Continuous security monitoring
    Protect your AWS cloud workload around the clock
  • Automated security
    Powerful automations, config rules, and auto-remediations continually maintain your security status
  • Rapidly reduce your cyber risk
    Gain high levels of compliance to the security pillar of the AWS Well Architected Framework

The StackZone platform actively reduces the human effort required to manage your cloud infrastructure securely

Comply with AWS security best practices

With StackZone’s AWS information security platform, you gain full visibility into your cloud security posture. StackZone helps to implement AWS security best practices and swiftly remediate any non-compliance issues.

AWS security policy management

Enable self-healing security configurations, built-in service control policies, and predefined user permission sets in just a few clicks. Deploy a completely compliant and ad-hoc cloud framework in hours, not months.

AWS identity access management

Ensure each member of your team only accesses what they need with the principle of least privilege. This is coupled with the powerful security and resilience provided by implementing segregation through a multiaccount landing zone.

AWS cloud security software

Industry vertical and compliance specific config blueprints enable us to quickly deploy AWS security settings that are tailored to your industry and regulatory standards.

StackZone’s feature-rich AWS security tool​ drastically reduces your risk of a data breach

Driving security reduces your threat level

StackZone adopts the principles of the AWS Well Architected Framework security pillar, resolving over 70% of high risk, non-compliance issues within 2 hours.

AWS cybersecurity automation

Put your AWS account cybersecurity settings on autopilot, following the Well Architected Framework’s best practices. StackZone automates your security management to prevent human driven misconfiguration errors. This vastly reduces your cyber attack surface.

No AWS security upskilling is required

StackZone’s fully loaded with all the principles of cloud security best practices. It maintains your security status right across your architecture, delivering high levels of resilience and compliance.

AWS security tool benefits

Automatic alerts keep you in control

Your accounts are secured, aligned with AWS security best practices and you’re alerted when your attention is needed.

Centralized security management

Landing zones enable you to standardize and centrally manage your security policies to uphold best practices and protect your systems regardless of how complex your environment is.

Create a full audit trail of all activities

With StackZone’s log archive account, you have the isolation capabilities needed to see what’s happened in your cloud environment without entering a compromised account.

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Why choose StackZone?

Slick Deployment Model

Cloud transformation projects can take months. Our team have secured hundreds of cloud environments across many sectors. They’ve perfected their deployment process and packaged it into StackZone’s platform to vastly reduce the time and cost required to launch.

Light Delivery Method

No proxies, plugins, APIs or bots. Many cloud management platforms require significant changes or complex intermediaries that complicate your security status. StackZone’s model is light and simple, delivering critical resilience and ROI.

Super Quick Launch

StackZone’s pre-built, sector specific and compliance standard config blueprints enable you to configure your environment quickly, gaining powerful cost benefits in days, not weeks or months.

Affordable Pricing

No need to augment your team or bring in big teams of consultants to become compliant. StackZone is a pop-up cloud transformation project in a box, easy to implement, quickly delivering a resilient AWS environment.

Fully Scalable Solution

StackZone delivers robust security and resilience regardless of how big or complex your architecture is. StackZone enables you to maintain your security and compliance status as your AWS architecture scales up and down to meet demand.

Wraparound Expertise

Your StackZone deployment is fully supported by our team of AWS experts. We’re AWS heroes with 10 AWS certifications and hundreds of AWS security, compliance and cost projects under our belt.

StackZone in numbers

30,000Security issues identified & remediated within seconds

354+Security related features available in a few clicks

10,000+Resources monitored 24/7

1 dayTotal time required to deploy StackZone 

StackZone implements AWS security policies with simplicity

  • 52Security self-healing remediations
  • 26Cloud security monitoring alarms
  • 87Security config rules
  • 19Security guardrails

Automate your AWS cloud management at the touch of a button

Logo of AutoProtect

AutoProtect engaged with StackZone to build a governance framework that could be relied upon for future growth. By adopting AWS Config and SSM Automation documents, StackZone enabled a fully compliant, automated S3 data protection system.

Automate your AWS cloud management at the touch of a button

Relying on an automated security remediation solution gave us the confidence and to build trust across the different areas of the organisation when building new products.

Ian Gatley

Chief Technology Officer

Cloud landing zone: Increase your resiliency with a multi-account strategy

“The landing zone is a cloud environment that offers a recommended starting point, including default accounts, account structure, network and security layouts, and so forth. From a landing zone, you can deploy workloads that utilize your solutions and applications.” –
The AWS User Guide

StackZone upholds and drives a multi-account strategy. Our AWS security tool simplifies landing zone management and access deployment. By separating your workloads into different accounts, your AWS environment becomes more scalable and secure. Ensure one compromised account doesn’t infect your entire cloud environment, causing complete downtime. Securely deploy appropriate access to accounts in a few clicks based on a user’s needs and role responsibilities. Isolate data to prevent unauthorised exposure with StackZone.

Drive your AWS cybersecurity status with ease and confidence

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