AWS Cloud Compliance Software

Maintaining continuous AWS security compliance inline with your business regulations can be costly and time consuming

AWS Cloud Compliance Software

Maintaining continuous AWS security compliance inline with your business regulations can be costly and time consuming

  • StackZone’s automation makes it easy for your cloud environment to comply with complex industry legislation
  • Apply ISO, SOC2, PCI DSS compliance policies at the touch of a button
  • Gain 70%+ adherence to the AWS well architected framework delivering powerful resilience, security and compliance

Quickly ensure your cloud environment meets your industry standards – Implement AWS best practices through automation

Quickly overhaul your environment’s config

StackZone rapidly implements AWS best practices by correctly configuring your environment. Your security and compliance status are then monitored and automated around the clock.

Ongoing AWS compliance automation

The AWS cloud compliance software has built-in self-healing security configurations & auto-remediations. Deploy a completely compliant and ad hoc cloud framework in hours, or days not months.

AWS audit manager

Prepare for compliance audits stress-free. Including HIPAA, SOC2, PCI DSS and more. In-built testing for accreditation standards puts your AWS compliance config settings on autopilot.

AWS compliance reporting & alerts

Secure your cloud environment and continually drive your standards with powerful automations. StackZone delivers continuous compliance by reporting on your best practices adherence, providing a score on your current compliance levels.

Remain compliant 24/7 with the feature-rich AWS cloud compliance software

The fastest way to deliver AWS compliance

Quickly implement, monitor & maintain compliant AWS workloads at a fraction of the cost of a security project

In-depth compliance reporting & visibility

StackZone provides you with AWS compliance scores, flagging areas with room for improvement

Continuous automatic compliance monitoring

Your accounts are secured, aligned with AWS cloud security  best practices and monitored automatically

AWS continuous compliance console benefits

Centralized security

Standardized and centrally managed security policies uphold best practices and protect your environment

Remain secure and compliant

Don’t let resource constraints force you to compromise your high compliance levels and high-security status. StackZone delivers it all 24/7

Reduced cyber threat level

Using StackZone to ensure you adopt the principles of AWS’ Well Architected Framework security pillar vastly reduces your cyber attack surface

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Why choose StackZone?

Slick Deployment Model

Cloud transformation projects can take months. Our team have secured hundreds of cloud environments across many sectors. They’ve perfected their deployment process and packaged it into StackZone’s platform to vastly reduce the time and cost required to launch.

Light Delivery Method

No proxies, plugins, APIs or bots. Many cloud management platforms require significant changes or complex intermediaries that complicate your security status. StackZone’s model is light and simple, delivering critical resilience and ROI.

Super Quick Launch

StackZone’s pre-built, sector specific and compliance standard config blueprints enable you to configure your environment quickly, gaining powerful cost benefits in days, not weeks or months.

Affordable Pricing

No need to augment your team or bring in big teams of consultants to become compliant. StackZone is a pop-up cloud transformation project in a box, easy to implement, quickly delivering a resilient AWS environment.

Fully Scalable Solution

StackZone delivers robust security and resilience regardless of how big or complex your architecture is. StackZone enables you to maintain your security and compliance status as your AWS architecture scales up and down to meet demand.

Wraparound Expertise

Your StackZone deployment is fully supported by our team of AWS experts. We’re AWS heroes with 10 AWS certifications and hundreds of AWS security, compliance and cost projects under our belt.

StackZone in numbers: A proactive approach for compliance success

30,000Security issues identified & remediated within seconds

90%Reduction in the time it takes for your cloud to become compliant

10,000+Resources monitored 24/7

1 dayTotal time required to deploy StackZone

Automatically enable HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOC & Machine Learning guardrails to meet compliance standards in minutes.

Powerful automations release your cloud team from everyday compliance admin

  • 87Security config rules
  • 20+Cloud monitoring alarms
  • 6Compliance specific guardrails
  • 47Compliance specific config rules
  • 56Self-healing remediations

Scale up your security with an AWS compliance settings solution

OpenAtlas needed to align their cloud infrastructure with SOC 2 requirements to enter a new market.They adopted StackZone to achieve a simple-to-use, secure, and compliant environment within hours.

Scale up your security with an AWS compliance settings solution

Affording these types of projects is really challenging for companies like us, as we are not AWS experts, especially in such a short time. Stackzone helped us meet this need in a timely manner by relying on their expert team and automation. They have top-notch service and support, which allows us to focus on expanding our business

Daniel Restrepo


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