A Powerful AWS Management Platform

Enterprise grade compliance, security, resilience & cost management of your cloud in days

  • Cloud security & compliance
    StackZone ensures that your cloud is secure and compliant, auto-remediating, and continually monitoring your status
  • Reduce your cloud costs
    StackZone configures your AWS environment inline with cost optimization best practices lowering your AWS budget by around a third
  • Simplify your management
    Centralized management, powerful automations & self healing auto remediations reduce your AWS management time by 66%


StackZone platform securely manages your AWS environment while saving you time, money and effort

  • Robust Security

  • Cost Reduction

  • Continuous Compliance

  • Powerful Management

    • Reduce your cyber threat levels

      StackZone adopts the principles of the AWS Well Architected Framework security pillar,  resolving over 70% of high-risk, non-compliance issues within 2 hours.

    • Minimize your AWS security upskilling needs

      StackZone’s fully loaded with the principles of cloud security best practices. It maintains your security status right across your architecture, delivering high levels of resilience and compliance.

    • AWS cybersecurity automation

      Put your AWS account cybersecurity settings on autopilot, following WAF best practices. StackZone automates your security management to prevent human driven misconfiguration errors. This vastly reduces your cyber attack surface.

    • Create a full audit trail of all activities

      With StackZone’s log archive account, you have the isolation capabilities needed to see what’s happened in your cloud environment without entering a compromised account.

    • Centralized security management

      StackZone’s custom built landing zones enable you standardize and centrally manage your security policies to uphold best practices and protect your systems regardless of how complex your environment is.

    • Automatic alerts keep you in control

      You are consistently secured, aligned with AWS security best practices, and you’re alerted when your attention is needed.

    • Avoid unexpected expenditure

      E-mail alerts when spending reaches 80%, 90%, and 100% of the budget. This means there’s no surprise bills at the end of the month.

    • Automated cost reports

      Gain instant access to reports without the need for manual data collection within your AWS console. It’s easy to setup automated adhoc costs reports.

    • Complete cost visibility and data-driven insights

      View and analyze all your AWS charges in a single view. Use StackZone simple filtering for deep analysis.

    • Deliver tangible ROI

      Investing in StackZone pays for itself by vastly reducing your cloud costs and delivering a significant return on your investment.

    • Be alerted before action is needed

      Never miss a saving plan renovation again. StackZone sends you a notification 7 days before your savings plan is due and 1 day before it expires.

    • Optimize costs with automation

      Receive expert cost optimization suggestions. Implement them simply by tagging your resources or launching automated optimizations with a click on StackZone’s console.

    • The fastest way to deliver continuous compliance on AWS

      Quickly implement, monitor & maintain compliant AWS workloads at a fraction of the cost of a security project.

    • In-depth compliance reporting & visibility

      Automatically apply HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOC2, or machine learning compliance standards from one console. Confidently achieve continuous compliance with 24/7 monitoring and proactive remediations.

    • Continuous automatic compliance monitoring

      Your accounts are secured, aligned with AWS cloud security best practices and monitored automatically.

    • Centralized security

      Standardized and centrally managed security policies uphold best practices and protect your environment.

    • Remain secure and compliant

      Don’t let resource constraints force you to compromise your high compliance levels and high-security status. StackZone delivers it all 24/7.

    • Reduced cyber threat level

      Using StackZone to ensure you adopt the principles of AWS’ Well Architected Framework security pillar vastly reduces your cyber attack surface.

    • Simplified management

      StackZone is built with an easy to use central console to overcome the complexities of managing an AWS cloud environment.

    • Highly regulated industries

      Lorem ipsum dolor sit amet, consectetur Easily apply HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOC2, or machine learning compliance standards. Receive AWS compliance scores, with the option to auto-remediate areas with room for improvement.

    • Reduced expertise needed

      In-built security automations, service control policies, and creating new accounts and organizational units through StackZone’s simple-to-use platform reduce your team’s need for advanced skills.

    • Future proof your business

      Your cloud architecture is set up to capture your technical roadmap, enabling future digital transformation. Easily create a robust AWS architecture that gears up for change and grows with your company.

    • Automate & simplify

      Powerful AWS automation features take control of your environment making management faster and easier. Our easy to use console keeps everything in one place for easy access.

    • Save time

      Execute AWS management tasks or roll out settings in seconds. Doing this manually could take weeks or months. Your team can monitor your AWS Performance, security and cost optimization in a few clicks without the need of accessing the entire AWS console.

StackZone in numbers

322Config Rules &

100+Cloud Security

23AWS Cloud

30,000Security Rules Every
24 Hours

Why choose StackZone?

Slick Deployment Model

Cloud transformation projects can take months. Our team have secured hundreds of cloud environments across many sectors. They’ve perfected their deployment process and packaged it into StackZone’s platform to vastly reduce the time and cost required to launch.

Light Delivery Method

No proxies, plugins, APIs or bots. Many cloud management platforms require significant changes or complex intermediaries that complicate your security status. StackZone’s model is light and simple, delivering critical resilience and ROI.

Super Quick Launch

StackZone’s pre-built, sector specific and compliance standard config blueprints enable you to configure your environment quickly, gaining powerful cost benefits in days, not weeks or months.

Affordable Pricing

No need to augment your team or bring in big teams of consultants to become compliant. StackZone is a pop-up cloud transformation project in a box, easy to implement, quickly delivering a resilient AWS environment.

Fully Scalable Solution

StackZone delivers robust security and resilience regardless of how big or complex your architecture is. StackZone enables you to maintain your security and compliance status as your AWS architecture scales up and down to meet demand.

Wraparound Expertise

Your StackZone deployment is fully supported by our team of AWS experts. We’re AWS heroes with 10 AWS certifications and hundreds of AWS security, compliance and cost projects under our belt.

Our achievements

  • 30,000 Security related configuration rules are deployed every 24 hours
  • 74% of AWS cloud best practices are complied with
  • 72% of security issues resolved in just a few hours by StackZone
  • 80% of AWS security pillar items are automated


  • “Affording these types of projects is really challenging for companies like us, as we are not AWS experts, especially in such a short time. Stackzone helped us meet this need in a timely manner by relying on their expert team and automation. They have top-notch service and support, which allows us to focus on expanding our business.”

    Daniel Restrepo


  • “Before we understood the pace and capabilities of StackZone’s cloud platform, we would never have thought of the rapid deployment of an entirely new cloud installation as a viable cloud business continuity plan. Using StackZone transformed our outcomes, enabling us to achieve the impossible.”

    Steve McDevitt

    Director for Information, Services & Technology

  • “Implementing an ISO-compliant AWS environment is a challenging project that often jeopardizes the cloud team. Affording these types of projects with the support of an expert team through a simple-to-use platform and reducing implementation times definitely makes the difference to us. Now we rely on an automated, compliant, and secure AWS environment to keep improving our platform.”

    Diego Blanco

    Project Manager

  • “StackZone constantly keeps improving your cloud environment. This has become incredibly valuable to us particularly in terms of cloud security since our more valuable asset is our data.”

    Sergio Bonilla Otoya

    General Director

  • “Relying on an automated security remediation solution gave us the confidence and to build trust across the different areas of the organisation when building new products.”

    Ian Gatley

    Chief Technology Officer

  • “Working with StackZone allowed us to identify and solve security and cost opportunities in a simple and fast way. Now, we are sure our workload is secure and cost-optimised and more importantly, that it will remain like that as we are actively monitoring and solving through StackZone’s automation.”

    Javier Vargas Prieto

    Leader Center of Excellence.

  • “Relying on an automated, secure and self-healing environment is everyone’s dream. Our team now focuses on what’s important: our clients.”

    Andrés Restrepo

    Director of Technology

  • “We needed to move fast as our applications were blocked on the Amazon Store due to lack of compliance and security. Deploying this framework fixed all the requirements and enabled us in 10 days.”

    Eduardo Ruiz


Automatically enable HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOC & Machine Learning guardrails to meet compliance standards in minutes with blueprints.

Automate your cost savings at the touch of a button

Logo of management quality

Management & Quality, adopted StackZone to ensure all their resources were developed in a standardized, real-time monitored, secured, and cost-efficient manner.

Automate your cost savings at the touch of a button

Working with StackZone allowed us to identify and solve security and cost opportunities in a simple and fast way. Now, we’re sure our workload is secure, cost-optimized and more importantly, that it will remain like that as we are actively monitoring and solving through StackZone’s automation.

Javier Vargas Prieto

Leader Center of Excellence

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