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    The StackZone difference

    Achieve robust AWS cloud security status fast, drive your cloud’s security strategy


    • “Implementing an ISO-compliant AWS environment is a challenging project that often jeopardizes the cloud team. Affording these types of projects with the support of an expert team through a simple-to-use platform and reducing implementation times definitely makes the difference to us. Now we rely on an automated, compliant, and secure AWS environment to keep improving our platform.”

      Diego Blanco

      Project Manager

    • “Affording these types of projects is really challenging for companies like us, as we are not AWS experts, especially in such a short time. Stackzone helped us meet this need in a timely manner by relying on their expert team and automation. They have top-notch service and support, which allows us to focus on expanding our business.”

      Daniel Restrepo


    • “Before we understood the pace and capabilities of StackZone’s cloud platform, we would never have thought of the rapid deployment of an entirely new cloud installation as a viable cloud business continuity plan. Using StackZone transformed our outcomes, enabling us to achieve the impossible.”

      Steve McDevitt

      Director for Information, Services & Technology

    • “StackZone constantly keeps improving your cloud environment. This has become incredibly valuable to us particularly in terms of cloud security since our more valuable asset is our data.”

      Sergio Bonilla Otoya

      General Director

    • “Focusing on our product rather than the infrastructure was a key goal for this year, and relying on an automated platform was the solution for our team.”

      John Spinage

      Director of Technology

    • “Relying on an automated security remediation solution gave us the confidence and to build trust across the different areas of the organisation when building new products.”

      Ian Gatley

      Chief Technology Officer

    • “Working with StackZone allowed us to identify and solve security and cost opportunities in a simple and fast way. Now, we are sure our workload is secure and cost-optimised and more importantly, that it will remain like that as we are actively monitoring and solving through StackZone’s automation.”

      Javier Vargas Prieto

      Leader Center of Excellence.

    • “Relying on an automated, secure and self-healing environment is everyone’s dream. Our team now focuses on what’s important: our clients.”

      Andrés Restrepo

      Director of Technology

    • “We needed to move fast as our applications were blocked on the Amazon Store due to lack of compliance and security. Deploying this framework fixed all the requirements and enabled us in 10 days.”

      Eduardo Ruiz


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