AWS Cloud Management Platform

Implement AWS best practices in a few clicks with StackZone’s user-friendly AWS cloud management platform so you can stay on top of the cloud’s rapid rate of innovation.

AWS Cloud Management Platform

Implement AWS best practices in a few clicks with StackZone’s user-friendly AWS cloud management platform so you can stay on top of the cloud’s rapid rate of innovation.

  • Cloud Security & Compliance
    StackZone ensures that your cloud is secure and compliant, continually monitoring your status
  • Cloud Cost Optimization
    StackZone configures your AWS environment inline with cost optimization best practices lowering your AWS budget by around a third

Maintain control of your cloud environment as it continues to evolve with our powerful AWS cloud management platform

AWS Self-Heal & Remediation

StackZone saves you time with automated AWS best practices. Improve your cloud team’s productivity by 66% by implementing changes and automation in all regions and accounts at the same time through a user-friendly User Interface.

AWS Cost Optimization

Make your cloud budget go further with StackZone’s extensive cost management capabilities. Obtain complete visibility and personalized automated reports into your cloud expenditure.  

AWS Security Dashboard

Secure your AWS cloud management and drastically reduce security vulnerabilities with advanced AWS security expertise built-in. 

AWS DevOps Package

StackZone is expertly designed to help your cloud team reduce cybersecurity threats, maximize productivity, and optimize their budget.

Release your cloud management team from day-to-day admin with a feature-rich AWS configuration solution.  ​

Simplified management

StackZone is built to overcome the complexities of managing an AWS cloud environment.

Highly regulated industries

Automatically apply HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOC2, or machine learning compliance standards from one console. Confidently achieve continuous compliance with 24/7 monitoring and proactive remediations.

Reduced training

In-built security policies, service control policies, and compliance standards reduce your advanced skills certification requirements. Define from a centralized account what can or what can not be done on different organizational units.

AWS cloud management platform benefits

Future proof your business

Your cloud architecture is set up to capture your technical roadmap, enabling future digital transformation. Easily create a robust AWS architecture that gears up for change and grows with your company.

Automate & orchestrate

Powerful AWS orchestration features take control of your environment making management faster and easier.

Save time

Execute AWS management tasks or roll out settings in seconds. Doing this manually could take weeks or months. Your team can monitor your AWS Performance, security and cost optimization in a few clicks without the need of accessing the entire AWS console.

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Why choose StackZone?

Slick Deployment Model

Cloud transformation projects can take months. Our team have secured hundreds of cloud environments across many sectors. They’ve perfected their deployment process and packaged it into StackZone’s platform to vastly reduce the time and cost required to launch.

Light Delivery Method

No proxies, plugins, APIs or bots. Many cloud management platforms require significant changes or complex intermediaries that complicate your security status. StackZone’s model is light and simple, delivering critical resilience and ROI.

Super Quick Launch

StackZone’s pre-built, sector specific and compliance standard config blueprints enable you to configure your environment quickly, gaining powerful cost benefits in days, not weeks or months.

Affordable Pricing

No need to augment your team or bring in big teams of consultants to become compliant. StackZone is a pop-up cloud transformation project in a box, easy to implement, quickly delivering a resilient AWS environment.

Fully Scalable Solution

StackZone delivers robust security and resilience regardless of how big or complex your architecture is. StackZone enables you to maintain your security and compliance status as your AWS architecture scales up and down to meet demand.

Wraparound Expertise

Your StackZone deployment is fully supported by our team of AWS experts. We’re AWS heroes with 10 AWS certifications and hundreds of AWS security, compliance and cost projects under our belt.

StackZone in numbers

90%Reduction in the time it takes for your cloud to become compliant

60%Average cloud admin team productivity improvement

10,000+Resources monitored 24/7

1 dayTotal time required to deploy StackZone

Automatically enable HIPAA, PCI DSS, SOC & Machine Learning guardrails to meet compliance standards in minutes.

Powerful automations release your cloud team from everyday compliance admin

  • 56Self-healing Remediations
  • 6Compliance Specific Guardrails
  • 20+Cloud Monitoring Alarms
  • 47Compliance Specific Config Rules
  • 87Security Config Rules
  • 38Simple Security Reporting

Automate your AWS management at the touch of a button

Logo of WEIR.

The Weir Group decided to adopt StackZone to create a compliant, secure, and simple-to-administrate multi-account environment to migrate their on-prem infrastructure to the AWS public cloud.

Automate your AWS management at the touch of a button

Before we understood the pace and capabilities of StackZone’s cloud platform, we would never have thought of the rapid deployment of an entirely new cloud installation as a viable cloud business continuity plan. Using StackZone transformed our outcomes, enabling us to achieve the impossible.

Steve McDevitt

Director for Information, Services & Technology

Manage your cloud environment with confidence

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