How StackZone Works

How StackZone Works

Unlock the true efficiencies of the cloud

  • StackZone’s user-friendly AWS cloud management platform enables your cloud to become cost-optimized, compliant, and secure, in days, not months. Increase your cloud uptime and streamline your operations in 3 simple steps to ensure you’re ready to achieve your business goals and keep up with the pace of growth.

StackZone’s process

1. Understanding your goals

StackZone is built around your needs as our customer. To pinpoint these, during a demo of our AWS management toolkit, our team ask key questions about how you use AWS and your business goals and pains. This ensures that our solution can meet your current and future business demands by creating a compliant AWS environment for you. We show you how our AWS automation tool will solve your cloud challenges – Fast! Estimated time from your cloud team: 45 minutes.

2. One-to-one onboarding

In one to two sessions, depending on your workload complexity, we get you up and running to use our powerful AWS management platform independently. We outline everything you need to know from setting up custom automations, to tracking your spending in a way that’s helpful for you. Here’s what we achieve in your onboarding together:

3. Setting up your StackZone landing zone on AWS

A StackZone expert will work with your team to implement a multi-account strategy based on your specific needs and your vertical industry’s best practices. This process causes no disruptions or downtime for your business. Together, we set up the correct configurations and automation that you need to make StackZone a success. Estimated time required from the cloud team: 1 hour.

4. Adopting StackZone on your pre-existing accounts

The adoption process is as simple as an invitation of your current workloads to your brand new organization. Your workloads then sit in a consistently compliant and configured environment with established auto remediations. As your accounts are included, they automatically inherit all the custom rules that are built into StackZone. This process does not involve downtime or require a maintenance window. Estimated time required from your cloud team: 1 hour.

5. Continuous monitoring and improvement

StackZone continually monitors your cloud costs, compliance, and security settings. This minimizes your cybersecurity risk, controls your budget, and protects you against risky cloud settings misconfiguration. StackZone is continuously developed to ensure it’s evolving with cloud practices. We pull customer feedback into our platform’s roadmap. We’re on hand 24/7 to provide guidance on how to receive the most value from StackZone.

Total time to setup StackZone is approximately 3 hours!

A truly personalized cloud solution

StackZone is tailored around your industry vertical, ensuring you receive the best experience and seamless deployment. You’re in control, defining what you need from StackZone, your goals and who can access what. StackZone automatically configures your AWS environments in line with your business objectives.

We’re highly qualified cloud experts

Our deeply experienced team hold many key AWS accreditations and competencies. The expertise that’s packed into StackZone has helped hundreds of businesses transform their cloud into an easy-to-manage, compliant, and cost-optimized environment. StackZone’s automations fix security vulnerabilities within the AWS cloud.

StackZone helps you, at every point in your cloud lifecycle

Migrating to AWS cloud

As you embark on your cloud journey, you want to make sure that it’s set up securely, cost-effectively, and in a way that complies with your industry regulations. StackZone can do so in a few hours and based on specific and proven industry vertical best practices. Forget about trial and error.

Improving your AWS governance & management

Your team is struggling with administering a continuously growing environment and losing control of AWS accounts and assets. You must ensure uniform security levels, resilience, and management capabilities across all your AWS environments.

Ensure and actively monitor compliance

As part of a highly regulated industry vertical, you must ensure you are continually compliant with standards (HIPPA, SOC2, PCI DSS, HITRUST, ISO 27001, etc). This is an ongoing daily process You can solve this through automation by adopting StackZone.

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StackZone makes your cloud management easy

Quick & easy cloud transformation

You might assume that optimizing your cloud environment will involve sourcing a team of highly skilled cloud engineers or consultants, taking months. However, StackZone has wrapped up all the processes of everything you need into our SaaS platform, so you can gain all the benefits within hours.

Minimal impact deployment model

Our adoption approach has minimal impact on your business operations; you’re not migrating anywhere. The best way to describe this is the idea of rather than moving house, you’re adding additional infrastructure to shield your house from damage. Introducing StackZone equates to introducing new management for protection.

See StackZone in action!