Simply adopt a Cloud Landing Zone

Simply adopt a Cloud Landing Zone

Unlock the full potential of the cloud with a perfectly configured landing zone

StackZone sets up a cloud environment that takes the AWS landing zone architecture to new levels with advanced additional features powered by automation.  StackZone’s cloud landing zone steers your organization towards best practices, cost optimization, governance standards, continued compliance monitoring, and security measures in a super fast set-up time. It is the perfect framework for quickly deploying new applications with security and compliance.

What is a cloud landing zone?

It is the essential foundational framework needed to ensure a secure, compliant, manageable, and scalable setup for an organization’s cloud adoption and continued cloud usage. It provides visibility into your cloud infrastructure, allowing you to make empowered decisions around optimal resource allocation.

The landing zone environment acts as a starting point for deploying workloads and applications in the cloud, ensuring security, environment segregation,  governance, full visibility, and compliance with any specific organization’s needs.

Gain added benefits with StackZone

In just a few hours, the StackZone cloud management platform set up a cloud environment that improves your workloads and gets you on track with the principles of cloud best practices. The platform enhances the AWS landing zone with additional security protocols and tons of features that make it easy for you to adhere to any standard, industry vertical, or specific cloud need. Through its simple-to-use interface, centrally manage your workloads from anywhere in just a few clicks!

Why implement an AWS cloud landing zone?

Optimize your cloud costs

The landing zone offers monitoring and control of cloud resource usage to optimize costs without compromising performance or security. Track resource utilization, identify cost-saving opportunities, and ensure efficient allocation of cloud resources through automation.

To adhere to governance regulations

Security and compliance is simplified with a landing zone because the framework establishes policies, procedures and controls to ensure compliance with industry regulations and internal governance frameworks. It enables organizations to enforce standardized practices, maintain accountability, and ensure consistency across cloud deployments.

Maximize your security

We can think of a landing zone as a cloud facilitation tool. It helps everyone in your team get what they need out of your cloud in a secure way, with tight access management and segregated accounts. It provides the cloud visibility you need to stay in control.

To simplify your everyday cloud management

Achieve centralized management with continuous monitoring. Your different cloud environments are segregated and there is standardization for the deployments of your cloud workloads. Your daily operations tasks are accelerated with improved productivity.

Stackzone gave The Weir Group simplified cloud management, security, and resiliency – Fast!

Logo of WEIR.

The Weir Group decided to adopt StackZone to create a compliant, secure, and simple-to-administrate multi-account environment to migrate their on-prem infrastructure to the AWS public cloud.

Stackzone gave The Weir Group simplified cloud management, security, and resiliency – Fast!

With AWS we have the flexibility to scale and be more agile, what would take us 12 months to deploy, now with a Landing Zone can be done in a few minutes.

Steven McDevitt

Global Director of Infrastructure Services

Why use StackZone to implement and manage your cloud landing zone?

Gain the many benefits of stackZone

StackZone takes the AWS multi-account strategy much further than what’s expected to maximize your cloud estate’s resilience. There is 24/7 monitoring, customized alerting, implemented configuration rules, and auto remediations that keep you in check for compliance, cost management, resiliency, and cloud security.

Superfast set up time

Attempting to create a cloud landing zone from scratch is often a time-consuming and expensive project. The StackZone platform gets you set up and perfectly configured within less than 2 working days, so you can start experiencing the benefits straight away. The framework is adapted to your exact needs, and with our user-friendly interface, it’s easy for you to centralize your cloud management.

Tick off each cloud best practice with StackZone

Whatever your industry is or the unique challenges you face day-to-day, StackZone makes it simple to enable compliance to the highest standards of HIPAA, SOC 2, PCI DSS, and more, as well as AWS cloud best practices. These are effortlessly achieved through automation and preset configurations from the StackZone Blueprints.

What does the StackZone landing zone environment do for an organization?

Superfast set up time

StackZone transforms your cloud infrastructure seamlessly within hours by organizing your cloud environment governance into the landing zone’s 5 core accounts: master, security, log archive, shared services, and networking.

Remediates cybersecurity vulnerabilities

Our AWS management platform has the functionalities of a cloud SIEM. (Security Information and Event Management) It collects, monitors, and analyses event logs and data for security purposes.

Adopts the Well Architected Framework

By creating your landing zone with the StackZone software, you are automatically aligned with AWS best practices. The principles in this framework help you design, build, and operate systems that are cost-optimized, efficient, resilient, sustainable, and secure.

Helps you to scale up or down

The cloud landing zone helps you securely scale up and down without compromising governance, security, or blowing your budget. This is done through automated provisioning and standardization. Add or remove new environments in segregated accounts with complete visibility in just a few clicks while maintaining governance capabilities.

Provides centralized management for productivity

StackZone’s landing zones offers an average rate of 60% for productivity. By managing your cloud resources through one simple platform, you can make changes to your whole cloud ecosystem in a few clicks.

Reduces your cloud costs

Enable 24/7 cost monitoring and reporting so you have visibility into every cloud bill. Allocate spending for different resources, separate your billing, and receive alerts when you’re close to reaching your budget.

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AWS cloud landing zone FAQs

  • Can I create my own landing zone manually?

    Yes you can. However, it takes a huge amount of resource and expertise to ensure your AWS multi-account environment is correctly configured to remove all vulnerabilities. With StackZone, we achieve this in hours and ultimately save you money by making your cloud budget stretch further. If you want to get it right straight away, create a seamless adoption of StackZone’s cloud landing zone.
  • Do I need a multi-account landing zone?

    Implementing a landing zone is essential to effectively manage your AWS cloud environment in line with the AWS Well-Architected Framework. A landing zone helps you drive your governance capabilities by segregating your accounts based on their function. This enables you to assign user permissions for each area based on the principle of least privilege. This increases your resilience in the case of a cyber attack and mitigates your risk. Not harnessing the benefits of the AWS multi account architecture forces you to give each person who needs cloud access the credentials to your entire AWS environment, which obviously increases your security risks.
  • Will I experience downtime?

    We pride ourselves on our efficiency; making your public cloud secure, cost-optimized, and compliant in hours without disruptions to your service. We trial all auto remediations to ensure our setup won’t impact your business activities.
  • Do I have to do a huge migration?

    No, not at all. StackZone works around your needs. If you want to adopt the cloud landing zone benefits in phases, then that’s fine by us! Just add your AWS accounts one by one. We’re here to remove time-consuming administrative tasks off your hands with our console, not to add complications!
  • Do I need to be an AWS cloud expert to use StackZone?

    No, you’re not required to have AWS expertise because StackZone’s 23 AWS accreditations and AWS expertise is embedded into our platform. With our AWS experience built into our cloud management platform, you don’t need to hire a team of experts to perform everyday cloud monitoring tasks. StackZone’s goal is focused on simplifying cloud management for everyone, regardless of what industry you work in or what your business goals are.
  • I have an AWS organization already, can I get StackZone working or do I need to start from scratch?

    You can adopt cloud best practices through StackZone at any time, whether you’re starting your public cloud journey with a single account from the very beginning, wanting to fix the vulnerabilities of your current AWS workloads, or even adding automation and continued improvement to your existing AWS organization. It’s all possible with StackZone.
  • Do I have to give StackZone’s team access to my AWS workload to implement StackZone’s AWS landing zone solution?

    Our main philosophy is to enhance the security of every cloud environment through the implementation of AWS best practices, regardless of the customer’s cloud experience or size. This focus on cloud cybersecurity involves the very way we develop and deploy StackZone. As an ISO 27001 certified organization, we treat our customers information management as a priority. This is why the StackZone team won’t have access to your workload and every resource that manages your account will be deployed on your organization. Our customers are always in control of their ownership of every service and asset deployed in their AWS workload. StackZone doesn’t use proxies, API, Plugins, bots, or agents. We help you accomplish maximum security with the principle of least privilege to reduce access to your AWS workload.
  • How much support do I receive?

    We’re with you every step of the way during your cloud journey. We provide 24/7 support to continuously guide you through how to manage your cloud environment in the simplest way.

Talk to us about your AWS landing zones implementation

It’s impossible to achieve true resiliency and security in the cloud without implementing a cloud landing zone architecture. StackZone ]makes this easy and painless, unlocking benefits that completely transform how the cloud is managed.

Get started on your cloud landing zone journey