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July 1, 2022 • 2 min read

Hen building a startup from scratch, there are always challenges. As humans, we are always quite reticent to explore and embrace change. The last few years changed that radically, as we had to understand that remote working became a reality.

At StackZone, we are proud of building a fully-remote organization, but more importantly that our people understand the challenges that come with it.

These are our shared values and how our Engineering Teams agreed to live and build by and what we expect from anyone joining StackZone.

Customer Impact

Our product is built by our customers. Not necessarily do they write the code, but they influence significantly into our roadmap. One of the main objectives of the engineering team is to ensure they are listened and that their feedback is turned into new solutions. Every feature we add to the roadmap must have an impact and help significantly our customers and their day-to-day operations.

Team Ownership

We value our people and we work really hard on every team member’s development, at the same time we value life-work balance. This is why we encourage career progression, holidays, time-off, and retirement to happen. But, to accomplish our first Value we must ensure there will be no impact when a team member is absent. We must be prepared as a team to step up and make sure we can do someone else’s job for a period of time. The only way to do it is to make sure the team owns it and no specific individual member.

Build, Test and Ship Fast

Every piece of code we build must be tested, peer-reviewed, and shipped to prod early. Our solution is based on customer feedback. So they are waiting for every release, and for it to solve a specific need, velocity and quality should go hand in hand. As part of the Engineering team, we need to always see the big picture and ensure the architecture scales overtime to hundreds or even thousands of customers.

Continuous Feedback, Respect and Mentoring

We are very proud to have a mix of race, gender and nationalities within our team. Respect is key to make sure we are all treated fair. We never make it personal. We encourage our engineers to be vocal, to make sure their ideas are listened and ask as many why’s as possible. Our “Buddy” onboarding system makes sure that when someone new joins the team the onboarding is seamless and you’re up to speed as soon as possible to start tackling the most challenging tasks you ever worked with.

Raise the bar

We don’t hire just to fill a position. When you join StackZone it’s because we make sure you’re going to make the team better. Your technical skills but also your soft skills are needed and you need to be able to share it across. To ensure the Engineering team and every individual continue improving, we want to become better all the time and we expect the same of every member of the team.

How these values are measured?

During our quarterly performance review, we make sure the objectives are tied to these values and we measure every individual and the team against them.

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