AWS further endorses StackZone with AWS Cloud Operations Competency

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April 12, 2023 • 3 min read

Amazon Web Services (AWS) recognizes the importance of cloud operations services; a set of services designed to help operate and manage cloud infrastructure effectively. However, cloud operations can be time-consuming and challenging for many cloud users, requiring a wide depth of cloud expertise. It’s hard to determine exactly how to set up your organization for operational excellence and how to continually manage daily cloud operations. To address these challenges, AWS launched the AWS Cloud Operations Competency on April 6, 2023. Within a week of this launch, they accredited StackZone with this brand new competency, highlighting StackZone’s user-friendly platform that actively helps organizations secure their workloads on AWS.

What is AWS Cloud Operations Competency?

The AWS Cloud Operations Competency is a validation of a partner’s expertise in operating, monitoring, and securing workloads on AWS. This competency recognizes AWS Partners who have proven their ability to deliver successful Cloud Operations solutions on AWS. Achieving this competency requires a rigorous validation process, including an audit by AWS Solution Architects, to ensure that partners have the technical proficiency and expertise required to deliver the best cloud operations solutions to their customers.

The benefits of trusting an AWS Cloud Operations Competency Partner

As an AWS Cloud Operations Competency Partner, StackZone is recognized for its proven customer success, deep technical knowledge, and ability to provide end-to-end cloud operations solutions. StackZone offers a range of services to help customers manage their cloud environments across the five solution areas of Cloud Operations:

Achieve cloud governance in a few clicks

StackZone helps customers establish policies and processes for cloud resource management, ,ensuring compliance and security standards are met. This includes identity and access management, compliance monitoring, and resource tagging. In other words, StackZone implements a cloud framework based on customers’ specific business needs and cloud best practices.

Streamline operations management

StackZone helps customers manage their cloud infrastructure, ensuring that ,workloads are running efficiently and securely. This includes automation, security and compliance monitoring, and disaster recovery planning. All this is managed from a simple, easy-to-use, and user-friendly web console that will reduce cloud team knowledge needs and improve their productivity.

Save time on monitoring and observability

StackZone helps customers monitor their workloads in real-time, identify potential issues before they occur, and quickly resolve incidents when they arise. By implementing monitoring and alarms that fit customers’ specific business needs, StackZone provides ,comprehensive visibility into the performance of their cloud infrastructure. This ensures that organizations can identify and address any issues that may affect their business operations and maintain optimal performance.

Simplify compliance and auditing:

StackZone helps customers establish policies and processes for cloud resource management, ensuring that regulatory, legal and standards such as HIPAA, SOC, PCI-DSS, etc requirements are met. This includes implementing compliance processes faster and more easily with automation, ready-to-use blueprints, and best practices built-in. StackZone ensures that areas of non-compliance are continuously identified and remedial actions are taken every day, not just before an audit.

Transform cloud financial management:

StackZone helps customers optimize their cloud infrastructure to minimize costs while ensuring maximum performance. With StackZone’s simple cost visualization reports and cost optimization automations, customers can actively track their cloud spending and identify opportunities to ,optimize cloud costs.

How StackZone can help you with cloud operations

StackZone provides customers with customized cloud operations solutions that fit their specific business needs. We work closely with customers to understand their requirements and design solutions that help them achieve their business goals. StackZone’s services help customers optimize their cloud infrastructure, reduce costs, improve security, and minimize downtime. Learn more about the ,AWS Cloud Operations Competency.

Author: Fernando HönigFounder of StackZone

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