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July 10, 2023 • 6 min read

Cloud security requires a prioritized approach, which is exactly what StackZone’s cloud migration blueprints provide. Our CEO, Fernando Hönig, and Co-Founder, Gaston Silbestein, recently hosted a webinar on using cloud blueprints to evaluate your security level. If you missed this event, not to worry, this article will summarize everything you need to know. We will explain the impact of cloud migration blueprints on your cloud security, as well as define the multiple benefits you unlock with StackZone’s cloud security software.  

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What are cloud migration blueprints? 

Cloud migration blueprints are a basic set of tools based on each industry vertical’s best practices that can be evolved and personalized based on every customer’s specific needs. Each blueprint can be thought of as a collection of documentation, implementation guidance, best practices, and tools that are proven guidance, designed to improve your cloud workload.  

By using StackZone’s cloud blueprints for your cloud migration project, you start your cloud journey off on the right foot and have the tools and visibility you need to keep your cloud environment aligned with regulatory requirements and the needs of your industry, 24 hours a day. 

What makes StackZone’s cloud blueprints different from other cloud computing frameworks?

Infographic showing StackZone’s cloud migration blueprints have more tools and protection than regular cloud frameworks

A flexible approach 

A cloud framework is something much more rigid and set in stone than StackZone’s cloud migration blueprints. Everyone’s cloud requirements are different based on several factors, which is why you need the flexibility that cloud blueprints provide. This flexibility simplifies the steps for cloud migration.

Equipped with proactive tools 

A StackZone blueprint is a set of tools, configurations, and services based on a specific industry’s cloud framework and user feedback designed to meet specific needs regarding security, compliance, cost optimization, resiliency, and cloud governance simplicity. They take cloud computing frameworks to the next level because not only are they not rigid but they’re aligned with the exact needs of our customers; helping you to manage your cloud most productively. 

StackZone’s cloud migration blueprints is an automated way of implementing your industry’s best practices, optimized with customers’ feedback rather than implementing one by one a selected cloud framework through a manual implementation project. While a cloud computing framework suggests what you need to do, StackZone simply does it with hundreds of in-built features and intelligent automation. They take your cloud workload to the next level. 

StackZone’s cloud blueprints, specific to industry verticals  

StackZone currently has 6 core cloud migration blueprints which are specifically designed to suit the unique requirements of your industry, business model, or compliance legislation. Leveraging our extensive expertise in overseeing numerous cloud migration projects, we have developed customized blueprints that allow you to become secure, cost-optimized, and compliant within hours. These are: 

  • SOC 2 – Using this blueprint, you can easily build your compliance following the SOC 2 requirements checklist in a way that is productive and automated. Our platform ensures every organization has all the cloud-related tools needed to achieve SOC 2. 
  • Machine Learning – StackZone’s Machine Learning blueprint transforms your cloud environment using both Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence Operations. 
  • Software as a Service – The SaaS cloud blueprint includes the necessary components enabled to achieve high security, remediating any high-risk items defined by the AWS Startup Security Baseline (AWS SSB). This blueprint complies with AWS prescriptive guidance.
  • Well-Architected – Achieve the Well Architected Framework with StackZone. Using StackZone ensures you have the necessary components enabled to detect and in many cases remediate high-risk items detected by the Well Architected Framework Review and build compliance to meet AWS best practices.
  • Financial Services & FinTech – We prioritize data protection with this cloud blueprint. Easily follow the requirements of PCI DSS and SOC 2 with complete visibility into your compliance score. 
  • Healthcare – Achieve HIPAA standards in your cloud environment in a few clicks to rapidly reduce the chance of experiencing emerging healthcare security threats. 

If there is a blueprint you’d like to see for an industry or a compliance standard you’d like to achieve efficiently, let us know, and we’ll create that for you. 

How do cloud migration blueprints increase your cloud security? 

Cloud computing comes with a huge responsibility of prioritizing cloud security. Let’s take 2 examples of our cloud blueprints to show you how they equip you to evaluate your security level without complicating the steps for cloud migration: 

Software as a Service cloud security 

As a SaaS company, you are highly responsible for protecting customer data, keeping your product working at optimal performance, and providing availability to follow through on contractual requirements. The StackZone cloud security console helps you increase cloud security with: 

  • Centralized access administration
  • Continuous access monitoring
  • Continuous config monitoring by service
  • Resources configuration self-healing
  • Continuous monitoring of resources configuration and changes
  • Continuous monitoring of resources performance and correct size suggestions 
  • Simple Backup Tag based with AWS Backup
  • Backup continues monitoring
  • Backup self remediation

This cloud blueprint takes just a few hours to set up and your security status increases straight away! 

FinTech cybersecurity and data protection 

The financial services industry holds a lot of our personal data. They need to have robust data protection procedures in place to keep it secure. In our financial services cloud blueprint, we work with the requirements of PCI DSS and SOC 2 to cover all bases. Here’s how we keep FinTech secure: 

  • Centralized access administration
  • Continuous security monitoring (vulnerabilities and attacks)
  • Continuous config monitoring per service
  • Continuous monitoring of infrastructure and instances changes
  • Service config self remediation
  • Alerts on infrastructure changes
  • Access issues related alerts 
  • Automatic ec2 isolation
  • Backup continuous monitoring
  • Backup self remediation
  • Monitoring of password policy compliance
  • Multi Factor Authentication implementation

This cloud migration blueprint incorporates all the rules, remediations, and services that FinTech needs and helps them achieve it continually in hours. 

The benefits of using cloud migration blueprints for security

By using a cloud migration blueprint, created by, StackZone, here’s what you can expect:

Your bespoke cloud security requirements are met 

To achieve complete protection, you need to ensure your cloud cybersecurity measures are aligned to your industry rather than a one-size-fits-all approach. For example, our healthcare blueprint helps you effortlessly meet HIPAA requirements including specific risk assessments regarding personal health information. This isn’t necessary for other industries and using an alternative cloud computing security framework won’t address all healthcare security risks, requiring extra work from your team. 

Flexibility for when your cloud environment develops

We’ve seen some of our SaaS customers need to implement an additional blueprint to win over a client by showing compliance with an accreditation. Their cloud environment requires changes as their business needs have changed. StackZone’s blueprints for the cloud make this possible. You’re never stuck in one fixed framework. 

You win more clients by meeting their security requirements 

Perspective clients have cybersecurity at the top of their requirements list. Being able to show them how you protect their information, with the StackZone cloud management portal, can drive your sales and boost your reputation. 

Cloud migration project plan example

StackZone helped Facilitabots to drastically improve their AWS workload security, with clear documentation to prove their automated cloud security, ready to provide services to a new customer. Read the full case study. 

Your security protection remains up-to-date 

The cybersecurity sphere rapidly changes with frequent emerging news of new hacking trends. This means that when we remediate security risks in the cloud, we don’t just stop there. Our cloud blueprints are equipped with 24/7 monitoring to ensure everything in your cloud console, such as features, config rules, and alarms, are all working as they should. As StackZone rolls out updates for the security protection of new threats, you receive this robust defence instantly.

As your security increases, so does your cost optimization 

Completing the steps of cloud migration for optimal security manually can take between 4-8 weeks of dedicated full-time focus. That’s if the cloud migration project follows the initial plan smoothly! These projects can cost $5000 – $8000. 

StackZone’s automation, as outlined in the cloud blueprints, prevents costly human errors. As you maximize your security, our intelligent tool implements strict cloud budget control helping you prevent an unplanned cloud bill. There are intelligent insights into cost savings opportunities and you have the visibility from the interface to see exactly what you’re spending and on what resources. 

The nature of our automated console means that you can achieve compliance, security, and cost optimization all at the same time so you never need to sacrifice one for the other. 

Can you use cloud migration blueprints if you already use the cloud? 

Cloud migration blueprints can also be used by customers who already have AWS cloud workloads. By adopting StackZone’s cloud blueprints, these customers can rapidly reduce their security risk level and, comply with selected standards such as HIPAA, SOC 2, and the Well Architected Framework, all in a way that takes their cloud budget further with in-built cloud cost monitoring features and budget control implementations. 


StackZone takes cloud migration blueprints a step further with in-built tools, and monitoring that not only sets up your cloud environment perfectly but provides you with everything you need to continuously manage your workload in the cloud securely. Want to transform your cloud security based on the requirements of your industry? Book a demo today and an expert from our team will talk you through how StackZone can drive business benefits for you within hours of setting up. 

This article was written by Gastón Silbestein, CRO of StackZone

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