StackZone forms a partnership with Spanish cloud technology experts Cartagon

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January 11, 2023 • 2 min read

StackZone are pleased and excited to announce our partnership with Cartagon, a highly certified and established team of cloud technology experts, based in Madrid, Spain. Cartagon help companies to implement and manage their cloud, including technical consultancy, infrastructure, digital transformation, DevOps, cloud management and security projects. Their expertise spans the last 22 years and they’ve gained many certifications within the cloud management space.

StackZone’s advanced AWS management capabilities will enable Cartagon to streamline their cloud management processes and ensure they deliver high levels of security and compliance to their customers. StackZone’s many, built in security, FinOps and compliance automations for AWS will enable Cartagon’s customers to gain operational efficiency, freeing up their time to drive strategic projects.


Fernando Hönig, CEO of StackZone shared his views on the newly established partnership…

“We’re honoured to be working together with Cartagon team. They’re cloud management experts and we look forward to helping them drive their levels of security and compliance and reduce cloud costs for their loyal client base. We look forward to building a strong partnership that’s mutually beneficial as both companies grow together.”

About StackZone

StackZone is a secure, cost-efficient, and self-service cloud governance solution for multi-account AWS environments. Configurations can be designed, deployed and operated in a fully automated manner. StackZone delivers centralized management, AWS cost optimization, maximum security, and compliance to AWS’ “Well Architected Framework”. StackZone dramatically reduces the amount of AWS certifications and the time needed to efficiently manage even complex AWS environments.


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Author: Gastón Silbestein, CRO of StackZone

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