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December 8, 2022 • 3 min read

AWS re:Invent22 event was held last week in Las Vegas. It’s a hub where the technology community come together to learn, share new ideas and understand the trends influencing cloud technologies right now. At this event Amazon Web Services (AWS) launched “AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights”, a new method to enable AWS development teams to choose approved software from vetted and trusted SaaS suppliers. Ruba Borno, Vice President of AWS Worldwide Channels and Alliances explained the launch of AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights in their talk on the 30th of November, 2022.

What are AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights?

AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights enable anyone that’s assessing a software product integrating with AWS to understand the software’s security information and profile. It’s important information to understand before introducing software applications into a highly configured and secure server environment. Any certifications acquired by the company are also published. Prospective buyers can gain access to security and compliance certification documents and monitor the status of these on an ongoing basis.

Why were AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights introduced?

AWS recognises that the success of its’ platform is driven by its’ partner network. With security and compliance being huge considerations in the server environment, it wanted to simply risk assessments for buyers of third party software. AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights enable potential purchasers to quickly see the level of verification that AWS has done to evaluate a vendor’s security and compliance status. Software providers must comply with AWS’ minimum-security requirements to gain AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights status.

Why were StackZone one of the first software vendors to be granted AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights status by AWS?

StackZone’s CEO, Fernando Hönig shared his views on this key milestone for their cloud platform… “StackZone’s cloud management solution was one of the first vendors that AWS granted their newly launched AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights. Less than 1% of all AWS vendors were given this status. We were approved because our product’s entirely built around upholding AWS security best practice and encouraging compliance to AWS’ Well Architected Framework. AWS also examine the internal governance of each software vendor too. StackZone also complies with rigorous security standards ourselves, having invested heavily to achieve our ISO 27001 status. Companies that adopt StackZone are already well along their journey to becoming security focused and data compliant. We satisfy AWS’ main security pillar and we’re evangelists, advocating these policies for all our clients to remain fully compliant, secure and efficient.”

The introduction of AWS Marketplace Vendor Insights was well received at the re:Invent event. The insights enable purchasers to make faster buying decisions and quicken their due diligence process when procuring AWS software. Buyers can see at a glance if a vendor deeply adopts AWS security architecture and processes.

StackZone Founders, Fernando Honig and Gaston Silbestien at AWS ReInvent

About StackZone

StackZone is a secure, cost-efficient, and self-service cloud governance solution for multi-account AWS environments. Configurations can be designed, deployed and operated in a fully automated manner. StackZone delivers centralized management, AWS cost optimization, maximum security, and compliance to AWS’ “Well Architected Framework”. StackZone dramatically reduces the amount of AWS certifications and the time needed to efficiently manage even complex AWS environments.

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Author: Fernando HönigFounder of StackZone

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